The environment is ours to help


This semester, in my web design for new content class, we had to tweet every week on our news beat. I chose environment/global warming for my news beat. I am very passionate about this topic, there are so problems going on with the environment throughout the world.

With problems comes solutions, and a lot of them.


Canadian officials authorized a $30 million budget cut in national parks. This funding is vital to maintaining the parks, and for the scientists to continue with their research.

I also tweeted a few of my blog posts, including the map exercise and the video interview i conducted with Dr. McDevitt.


While i am passionate about everything to do with the environment,  National parks hold a special place in my heart.

This is from “The new Plan for National Parks kickstarts a programme of activity to safeguard the future of these iconic landscapes, including by engaging young people throughout their education:

  • From primary school, bringing more than 80,000 young people to visit National Parks and putting National Parks in the curriculum
  • at secondary school, doubling the number of youth volunteers in National Parks as part of the National Citizen Service
  • In their first steps to employment, developing a new apprenticeship standard and doubling apprenticeships in National Parks by 2020″cropped-earth.gif

Ending post on climate change seems like the right thing to do. We need to raise as much awareness to this topic as we possibly can. It will not ever go away, it’ll only get worse.




Research on film and television criticism

Karen McDevitt is a Professor at Wayne State University, and has been teaching for the past 15 years. I chose to interview Professor McDevitt on her current research on Film and Television Criticism, although she has other primary research interests, like, new media and contemporary social practices, online communities, and media convergence. Although this does not technically correspond with the contents of my blog, professor McDevitt’s research is very interesting.

Professor McDevitt is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Karen is also a member of the Board of Visitors for Wayne State University Press.

McDevitt started her research because of her interest with the online world. She has been teaching online classes for 10 years now, and she is hopeful that online classes will reach a new level of technology pretty soon in the future.

I have placed here a few snip-its of my interview with Professor McDevitt, our interview was about 20 minutes in total.

McDevitt started studying theater and film, and soon realized that it has more to offer than just entertainment. That it how she initially started her research on film and television research.

In our interview, McDevitt stated that the impact and the meaning of film also influenced her into her further research on the topic. She also stated that it has been really exciting so far.





Searching for a podcast that has something to do with the importance of Global warming, or issues that are being brought up about global warming, by political figures, was very tricky to do. It was not tricky to find one, but it was somewhat hard to choose one that made sense to my blog.

I chose this one, partly because President Obama is involved in it. President Obama has helped the environment out a lot, or at least has tried, since being in office.

Black History Month at The Henry Ford

This past weekend, on Sunday February 28th, I went to an event at The Henry Ford Museum. The event has been going on throughout the month of February, for Black History month. This particular Sunday, one of the events happening were the Hamilton Family. The Hamilton Family sign songs from all time frames.They were excellent, very interactive and have amazing talent. Being a Sunday, there were not many people at the event, there was maybe 10. They played for about an hour and a half, from 12 to 1:30pm. I also visited the exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum, entitled, “With Liberty and Justice for all”. In this exhibit there was the Rosa Parks bus, and artifacts from when segregation was in full affect. This experience was very eye opening, and I am very interested in learning more about Black History.


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