Safety and security

By: Halie Keith

Social network and the news: Key issues, explains “safety and security” as when people in the public, or journalists send so much as a careless tweet, and they can be put in to danger. A tweet like one that identifies someone’s location in a war zone or that identifies a source who put his life at risk by sharing information with you. According to the social network and the news, “When in doubt, skip the tweet or posts.”

I agree with their statement on this issue, more than i thought that i could. If sending a simple tweet out, could cause someone to be put into danger, why do it? Maybe, for the simple fact that they do not think before they send the tweet out.

There was an incident in 2014, where a twitter journalist, who used an alias, tweeted out to the cartel, and in return they tweeted her death.

Things like this happen very frequently, and they could be prevented if ‘twitter journalists’ could learn to be smarter with their actions.



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